LevelOne KVM-0290 - Omkopplare för tangentbord/video/mus - 2 x KVM port(s) - 1 lokal användare - skrivbordsmodell

Antal portar2
Gränssnitt skärmKVM
TypOmkopplare för tangentbord/video/mus
  • Supports high-video quality - DDC2B and 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • 2-port USB HDMI KVM switch for home or office use
  • Control and manage 2 computers by using a single USB keyboard, mouse and monitor
  • Provides auto-scanning features
  • Supports HDCP, high-bandwidth digital content protection
  • Easy switching between computers with keyboard hotkeys
  • Self powered through USB connection
  • Simple Plug and Play installation
The KVM-0290 is a 2-port USB HDMI switch for home or small office use. The switch allows computers from a variety of operating platforms to connect to a single user-interface including a mouse, keyboard and monitor. Featuring keyboard hotkeys, the switch makes it easy to switch between computers and software with a single button push. The device also supports high-quality video of DDC2B and 1920 x 1200 pixels, as well as HDCP and high-bandwidth digital content protection. Furthermore, it provides auto-scanning features. The KVM switch is easily installed with Plug-and-Play capability, and powers itself through the USB connection. The device is manufactured with all cables pre-attached, so is ready for use straight out of the box, making it a very handy addition to any office.


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